May 29, 2006

Para não ficarmos condicionados pelo lado sentimental, vale a pena ler o que fontes menos envolvidas dizem sobre o que se está a passar.Este é o despacho de hoje da CNN. Excertos:
What began in recent months as a schism within the armed forces spilled over during the past week to the general population, which is divided on geographical lines of east and west, or those perceived to have been pro-Indonesian against those who wanted independence, AP reported.

Rival gangs torched homes and battled with machetes for a third day on Sunday. Fire across the city filled the sky with smoke overnight and into Monday, and the streets were strewn with smoldering debris while Black Hawk helicopters roared overhead.

Australian troops rumbled toward the sound of gunfire in armored personnel carriers, but seemed to only briefly scatter combatants.

Fighting erupted last week when renegade soldiers attacked unarmed police who were being escorted to safety by U.N. staff, leaving nine dead.

Dili's Becora hospital said the toll had risen to 20 by Sunday.