September 13, 2005

PARA MUDAR DE TEMA... Descobrir o Google
«The Search» é o título de um livro do jornalista John Battelle. A Wired News dedica-lha o artigo «How Google Got Its Groove On», onde nomeadamente pode ler:

Battelle's book shows how search is pushing technology toward the dream of artificial intelligence. He explains how thousands of small businesses thrive and die by the quirks of search-engine algorithms, and details how an unorganized consortium of nonprofits, bloggers and corporations are rebuilding the Library of Alexandria in a digital, distributed and democratic form.

Battelle, who launched one of the internet's seminal business magazines, The Industry Standard, and co-founded Wired magazine, is certainly qualified to tell the story of how pure search triumphed over bloated portals and in the process revitalized the dream of a revolutionary wired world.