May 12, 2004

Sérá que os jogos electrónicos têm efeitos positivos no estudo? Um artigo da Wired diz que sim. Excertos:LOS ANGELES -- The conventional wisdom about the video-game industry is that it's all about entertainment. But a group of 350 game designers, educators and government officials think that games can be used as a tool to teach critical thinking, and in the process, improve American education.

To Henry Jenkins, host of the Education Arcade symposium held here before the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the connection is clear. He said he remembers that during the 1996 presidential campaign, he gave his son a Doonesbury election game to play.

"My son, predictably enough, disappeared into his room, never to be seen from again," said Jenkins. "When he came out, my wife and I were watching election coverage on CNN. And he said, 'Oh, I get it, Dole is in New York, Kemp is in Illinois ... they're all in high electoral-value states. And he was suddenly explaining to us something that most Americans didn't figure out until after Florida 2000."