May 13, 2004

Espreitem este artigo da Online Journalism Review sobre a importância dos Blogs como forma de comunicação nos tempos que correm. Excerto:Are Weblogs a passing fad or a revolutionary new form of communication and publishing? That's still an open question, but the presence of blogs in the academic environment makes it more likely that they'll survive and thrive in the long term.

Educational types aren't just using blogs to teach or spread their research. They are turning their research lens on Weblogs themselves, whether the context is within schools of law, journalism, communication or library science. Alex Halavais studied the group dynamic at Slashdot and the way bloggers followed the news. Kaye Trammell studied the political content of celebrity blogs. Jill Walker is studying timestamps on blogs and our modern obsession with time. And Cori Dauber both studies blogs and writes a feisty one.

Though these academic researchers and many others work within different departments at different universities, they are all what I call "blogologists" -- people who are studying the dynamic of blogs and trying to understand how they fit into our society. Not all of their research is related to journalism, because they see blogs as a much larger phenomenon that is changing our modes of communication and group thought. In fact, many of them downplay the effects bloggers have had on the media and discount the idea that bloggers are creating a new New Journalism.